Perspectives in Action

Everything available to everyone is just as bad as nothing available to anyone. The power of an integrated system comes from serving individuals what they need to see & do, when they need to see & do it.

Every Individual

  • Daily task list.
  • Weekly/upcoming task list.
  • Owned risk triggers, issues, and decisions.
  • Link through to all assigned projects and reference material.

+ Project Manager - Owner of all assigned project documents. Visibility to individual task lists.

+ Program Manager - Visibility to all project and program documents, reports, roll ups, and dashboards.

+ Executive - Visibility to all roll ups and dashboards.


  • Interactive report of all assigned tasks.
  • List of owned risk triggers, issues, and decisions.
  • Visibility to detailed project schedule.
  • Not able to link through to unrelated documentation.


  • Feedback Requests.
  • High Level Project Schedule.
  • Budget and resource burn down charts.
  • Not able to link through to other documents.
Johnathan Deckert