Personal Email Rules - Advanced Class

4. Advanced Class

  • Common Response Templates - When I reply to an email that I know I’ll have to reply similarly again, I save it as a draft so I can copy/paste next time.
  • Bookkeeping Tag - I tag emails that include receipts, bills, or other financial data for review when bookkeeping. I do bookkeeping one morning month and clear the bookkeeping tags to zero.
  • Google Inbox - If you're using gmail and can switch to Inbox, do it. It's weird, but good weird, not bad weird. Once you get used to it you won't go back.


5. One Ring to Rule Them All - Zapier

  • I set up Zapier so that any time I star an email in any inbox, that email turns into a task in Asana.
  • I also have Zapier complete a long list of other tasks but for email, all I need is to turn actionable emails into tasks in one click.
Johnathan Deckert