Strategic Planning. Project Management. Business Process Engineering.

J. Deckert Consulting provides...

... Strategic Planning, Project Management, and Business Process Management for small to medium sized businesses, or teams within larger companies, who are experiencing growth beyond current capacities.

J. and a vetted professional services team deconstruct enterprise level planning and management tools, then implement them at the scale appropriate to the next stage of growth.

Strategic Planning

Every business, large or small, benefits from developing and documenting a strategic plan. The strategic plans we develop together are:

  • Visual - More of a map than a document.
  • Concise - Include important information only. No fluff. No filler.
  • Comprehensive - Covers planning and decision making from all angles.
  • Executable - Broken down into defined packages that can be worked on and completed.

Project Management

Teams of any size are at their best when individual members can understand and take ownership of their parts of a project. The projects plans we build are: 

  • Integrated - Work completed 'in platform' makes real time reporting automatic.
  • Flexible - Intelligently manage trade offs between budget, scope, and schedule.
  • Risk Based - Realistic risk management practices built into budgets and schedules. 
  • Visually Organized - Information hierarchy helps team members understand their role and responsibilities. 

Business Process Management

Understanding and communicating business operations We map business processes in order in increase effectiveness, improve efficiency, and identify areas for improvement. The process management and modeling we do is:

  • Collaborative - Everyone involved in a process has input on how it is done correctly and how it could be improved.
  • Scale Appropriate - Process architecture and modeling needs are different for teams of different sizes.


Smartsheet Consulting Packages


Strategic Plan Integration with Smartsheet


THe Allure of STrategy

Pursuing 'Good Strategy' is enticing to leaders at all scales of business. Do more with less. Make good decisions. Survive the crisis. Dominate the competition. Beat the market. Good strategy promises all this and more. We lionize strategists in military history, sports, and business. We tell cautionary tales of those who lost it all because their strategy was poor. This is why businesses spend big money and effort on strategic planning exercises.

The Integration Challenge

However, spending time and resources on planning is the easy part. After being built, if the plan is shelved until next year or if the changes it demands are not driven through to completion, you find yourself repeating the same exercise again with nothing to show for it but more wasted time. Understanding what exactly to do with a strategic plan and how to tell if it's working is a massive undertaking. 

Integrating Strategic Plans with Smartsheet

A major roadblock to executing good strategy is the separation of planning documents from daily tasks. The strategic plan lives in a powerpoint on a drive somewhere and is only trotted out at board meetings to see how poorly you've done. Smartsheet can resolve this issue by integrating strategic plan outputs directly into the program policies, project plans, and task lists so that anyone in the organization can understand what work is critical to success. Results can be rolled up into Strategic Sights so traction can be measured, new information surfaced, and decisions made in real time.


Are you ready to integrate strategic planning across your organization?

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Smart Program Management with Smartsheet


The Power of smartsheet

Smartsheet is has the potential to be an powerful tool for organizations of any size. It combines all the functions of Gantt Charts with spreadsheets; think MS Project and Excel had a baby who lives on cloud infrastructure. With the proper setup, Smartsheet can completely replace many less function platforms and file systems.

The Problem with Smartsheet

However, with that great flexibility come the potential for creating a giant unmanageable mess of schedules, budgets, and task lists. When different teams come up with different solutions, different standards, and different rules for creating and reporting project data, the result is unusable. 

Smart Program Management

Is your organization starting from scratch with Smartsheet? Are you an existing subscriber but are not taking advantage of the full power of the platform? You need a solid plan in order to get the most out of Smartsheet and working through the Smart Program Management process will ensure that plan is built and implemented quickly so your organization can spend less time collecting information or manually reporting and more time on getting work done. 


Curious to learn more about automating your program management?

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