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Here at J.Deckert Consulting, we consider ourselves thought leaders on strategy, project management, and scaling teams. On this page, you'll find the tools and resources that we've developed thanks to decades of experience. You'll find ebooks, surveys, informative articles, and software guides. We hope this is valuable to you and your team.

Design Your Own Creative Process

The Design Your Own Creative Process course by Alejandro Masferrer expands on the traditional format by breaking it down into components you can order to meet the project needs and your personal style.

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Contemporary Collaboration

Reduce stress and increase productivity with the right process and tools. Take your teams and your business to all new levels of growth and effective by using thought out and structured project management frameworks

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Smartsheet Adoption Playbook - Optimize your workflows

The comprehensive ebook on adopting Smartsheet as your primary project management tool. Learn the tools, tactics, and strategies to streamline your workflows, organize teams, and stay in the loop on all projects.

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Strategy at Any Scale - Where to get started?

Building a strategy isn't just for Executives or Consulting Firms. Any time you have to accomplish something difficult with limited resources at hand, you need a strategy.

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