Perfect for small to medium sized businesses, or teams within larger companies who are experiencing growth beyond current capacities.


Strategic planning

We help to clarify direction, identify a common vision, solve problems, and achieve goals; allowing you to keep pace with changing client needs, funding, and program priorities


business process Engineering

We analyze the design of workflows and business processes to radically redesign core business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in productivity, cycle times and quality.


Project management

We help to define and design your project management systems to improve performance and ensure goals of projects closely align with the strategic goals of the business

Strategic planning

Good Strategy is more than a collection of disconnected exercises and a good strategic plan is more than a document that you create once and then forget about. A Strategic Planning Engagement includes stakeholder interviews, on site workshops, and a fully developed strategic plan built in a contemporary platform. The Strategic Plans we develop are:
  • Visual - A living map, not just a static document.
  • Concise - Include critical information only. No fluff. No filler.
  • Comprehensive - Covers planning and decision making from all angles.
  • Executable - Broken down into defined packages that can be worked on and completed.

business process Engineering

Complete and accurate maps of existing business processes is a critical first step in any significant change management process.
  • Collaborative - Everyone involved in a process has input on how it is done currently and how it could be improved.
  • Scale Appropriate - Process architecture and modeling needs are different for teams of different sizes.

Project management

Contemporary project management platforms offer huge flexibility and power for your team. However, setting up these platforms to perform as advertised takes more than buying a license.
  • Integrated - Work completed 'in platform' makes real time reporting automatic.
  • Flexible - Intelligently manage trade offs between budget, scope, and schedule.
  • Risk Based - Realistic risk management practices built into budgets and schedules.
  • Real Time - Minimizes communication lag, report compiling, and endless powerpoint decks.

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